Monday, March 9, 2009

Wire Bonder 3200

Tomorrow’s speed and technology at your fingertips The cutting-edge, maintenance-free TY bond head technology of Oerlikon Esec has been improved to a hitherto unrivaled level. With its stiffened air bearings and the more powerful axis motors, the Wire Bonder 3200 reaches best-in-class UPH figures. And as if that were not impressive enough, when it comes to ultra fine pitch applications, the Wire Bonder 3200 is not only the fastest, but also the most accurate wire bonder available.

The bond range has been increased and the teaching and process observation techniques refined. A new optional high-resolution vision system was also developed specifically for ultrafine pitch applications. With all of these improved features and the resulting increase in speed, accuracy and process capability, the Wire Bonder 3200 is ready to take on all the latest packaging technologies.

But improvements haven’t stopped there. Oerlikon Esec’s Wire Bonder 3200 has been equipped with a dual clamp material feeding system which drastically increases the UPH output, in particular with low pin count devices, while the new dual heater cartridges improve the temperature distribution with very wide strips. All this is proof enough that the Wire Bonder 3200 is still leading the field and is, already today, setting future industry standards in fine pitch applications.

Best process capabilities:
The Wire Bonder 3200 offers a 30 µm pitch process capability. With its increased Y bond range it copes with the widest range of substrates. The improved air bearing and the optimized bond head controller enhance the ultra fine pitch capabilities, with unprecedented placement accuracy, over the entire bond range.

The newly developed non-stick detection recognizes bonding failure on grounded and non-grounded devices. This measurement method reliably monitors the bonding of very sensitive devices, without any damage whatsoever to the device.

A dual cartridge programmable heater further extends the operational area of the Wire Bonder 3200. The improved heating provides uniform temperature distribution for wide substrates over the entire bond range. In addition to the heater height feature, the material feeding system (indexer) incorporates an adjustable rail height. This extends the application range of the Wire Bonder 3200 to thick substrates and reduces the conversion times to boat applications drastically.

Oerlikon Esec’s engineers have also raised the process capability level for long-loop and ultra low loop applications, as well as stack-die and low-k bonding, to an all-time high.

Best bond head technology:
The revolutionary and now wellestablished pivoting bond head with its maintenance-free air bearing have been given a significant performance boost. First of all the three axes were given more powerful motors. This improvement provides the bond head with the highest possible acceleration capacity and working speeds.

Then, as a second major improvement, the air bearing was substantially stiffened leading to a considerable reduction in air consumption. Thanks to the perfectly balanced design of the axes, where all motor forces are in line with the system’s center of gravity, vibration is virtually eliminated. When applied to ultra fine pitch applications, both of these features contribute to the unequalled placement accuracy at worldrecord speeds.

Last but not least, the Y bond range has been increased to handle widest substrates. This is an additional advantage that helps to maximize the throughput with all known applications. In short, the redesigned, more powerful and maintenance-free bond head with its programmable auto focus optical system is a highly economical solution for overcoming current productivity limitations.

In comparison to a conventional orthogonal X/Y-stage, Oerlikon Esec’s superior air bearing-based TY technology eliminates disturbing slip-stick effects and therefore has the greatest potential with regard to speed, accuracy and future applications.

Best vision imaginable:
The optional high-resolution vision system of the Wire Bonder 3200 has been designed especially for demanding ultra fine pitch applications. It provides twofold resolution and magnification, without compromising on reliability or speed. With this option, teaching of ultra fine pitch pads is significantly more accurate and the visual ball inspection system is more reliable than ever.

Best production output:
The improved indexer has two independent clamps on a linear motor for fast material feeding. While one of the clamps continuously pushes out the bonded material, the other feeds unbonded material to the processing area. This makes a dramatic improvement to the material flow. Together with the shorter indexing time, this results in a large increase to the UPH for low pin count devices.

Best graphical user interface:
One of the highlights of the Wire Bonder 3200’s HMI is the graphical user interface. With various help functions and explanatory on-screen video sequences, it enables operators to work with ease and also, thanks to its unique multilingual capability, with greater independence. More than 90 percent of all assist functions are directly accessible via the keyboard.

Industry’s only 35 µm pitch recipe transfer capability
Oerlikon Esec is the only supplier worldwide to offer proven recipe portability from machine to machine – right down to 35 µm!

Highest speed and accuracy:
Oerlikon Esec’s Wire Bonder 3200 is the fastest and most accurate wire bonder available today. This is especially true for ultra fine pitch packages and low pin count devices. The Wire Bonder 3200 is made for the most demanding processes, such as ultra low-loop, stacked-die and lowk applications. It’s the industry’s top performer!

Highest productivity and yield:
In addition to having an increased Y bond range, the Wire Bonder 3200 also offers ultra fine pitch capability with highest possible accuracy over the entire bonding area. The redesigned heater ensures uniform temperature distribution, even with the widest substrates. All this contributes to ultrastable process quality over the entire working range.

Highest resolution vision:
The Wire Bonder 3200 sets the new standard for ultra fine pitch applications, and can be optionally equipped with a high-resolution vision system offering twofold magnification. The clear and detailed image helps to avoid teaching errors, and the visual ball inspection is designed to deal with even the smallest of bonding applications. The vision system operates with wellproven, programmable autofocus technology.